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  Target industries

About us



we are pleasured to inform that Moshaveran Hamahangyar company was

founded in1375 by primary share holders.The company's goal is supplying

plastic raw materials and chemicals which are used in large industries such

as automotive,Home Appliances, electrical and electronical parts,Footwear

industry,pipe and tubing

During our long experiences in imports and close contact with our

customers in order to satisfy and keep them in mentioned industries

Moshaveran Hamahangyar is required to follow specific standards which

the most important of them are high qualified raw materials,timlely delivery

of goods,engineering services to customers

Our Goals

  •  Intoduction new engineering plastic materials and their applications to


  • entering in to international business in order to sell iranian companies's

products to another countries

  • Developing & keeping the business relationship with old customers
  • Technical support to consumers to identify, replace, supply required plastics
  • In order to have better support of our customers, we continuously upgrade our people's knowledge 














Business Partners

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